stockprices2[ATHENS OCT 16] New Democracy (ND) and main opposition SYRIZA attack each other over the negative climate in the markets. Equity prices were falling on Thursday on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE), with the basic share price index down 0.50 percent, standing at 884.53 points at 11:00 am, and turnover at 28.115 million euros.

The FTSE/ASE Large Cap index for blue chip and heavily traded stocks was down 0.72 percent, while the FTSE/ASE Mid Cap index was up 1.07 percent.

On individual sector indices, the biggest gains were in Financials (+2.22 percent), Health (+2.04 percent) and Chemicals (+1.88 percent). The biggest losses were in Telecoms (-1.29 percent), Food (-0.84 percent) and Construction (-0.79 percent).
Of the stocks traded, 37 were up, 17 were down and 18 were unchanged.

The climate in the markets changed after Bloomberg news agency published a poll showing SYRIZA having a 6.5 percentage point lead over ND and analyzed the main opposition's policy, ND parliamentary spokesman Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV on Thursday.

"Unfortunately, markets from now on do not only listen to Samaras, but to Tsipras as well. When they hear all these insanities about changing everything when they come to power, how are markets supposed to react?" Georgiadis wondered.

SYRIZA deputy Giorgos Stathakis, in statements to the same TV station, said that "the government rushed to draft its own roadmap of exiting the IMF. But, the other side does not embrace it."

Sources: SKAI TV, AMNA