kalpi[ATHENS OCT 15] Main opposition SYRIZA was given a 6.5 percentage point lead over ruling coalition leader New Democracy in a nationwide GPO opinion poll for MEGA TV, carried out on October 9-13.

Specifically, in reply to the question "Which party would you vote for if elections were held on Sunday?", SYRIZA took the lead with 26.7% and ND came second with 20.2%. Support for the remaining parties was as follows: Potami – 6%, Golden Dawn - 5.7%, Communist Party of Greece (KKE) - 5.7%, PASOK - 4% and Independent Greeks – 3%. A further 4.7% supported 'other parties' while 18.2% of participants were "undecided."

In reply as to who is the most suitable for prime minister, current premier Antonis Samaras took the lead with 43.1%, with SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras getting 37.2%. A 17.9% of respondents said "none of the two."

On the Greek President's election, 55.7% said that parties and deputies should choose the right person, while 40.3% responded that any candidacy should be voted against and the country should hold again general elections.