Next feature from the Little Book of Liberties by GLM is Vouliwatch, an NGO founded in October 2014 which aims to help develop an open and accountable political system that uses new digital technology to promote citizen participation in the political process and to rebuild trust in parliamentary democracy. The people behind Vouliwatch believe in bottom-up policies but also in active citizenship.
For that reason, Vouliwatch organizes open political discussions on controversial legislation inviting Members of the Parliament as well as representatives of civil society to debate and discuss on these matters.
Furthermore, Vouliwatch wishes to build strong partnerships and linkages with similar parliamentary monitoring organisations throughout the world. For that reason, it brought together for the first time respective Parliament Watch organisations from different countries such as Germany, France, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen in March 2015.
If you want to know more about Vouliwatch and its initiatives, download its feature from the Little book of Liberties.