Greek Liberties Monitor continues its series of features from the Little Book of Liberties with Diogenes NGO and the street paper “Shedia” (raft boat in greek). Diogenes is a non-profit organization which officially founded in March 2010. The main aim of Diogenes is to provide support to the most vulnerable members of our society. Homeless people, people on drug rehabilitation programs and asylum seekers are the groups in focus, while social integration/social inclusion through various activities and programs is the core aim of Diogenes.
In February 2013, Diogenes launched the only Greek street paper, Shedia, the most visible initiative of Diogenes in the streets of Athens, as its vendors are at the exits of almost every subway station in the city. Shedia is member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). Street publications are independent newspapers and magazines that provide unique employment opportunities for people experiencing poverty and homelessness.
In September 2014, Diogenes launched a new social initiative the Invisible tours. This is an alternative social walking tour program in the center of Athens, led by people who have experienced homelessness. It’s a unique model that mobilizes the most vulnerable members of our society and at the same time provides them with an opportunity to make an income, in a dignified way, doing work as tour guides. The participants have the opportunity to see the city from a different perspective, learn about the most important organizations that provide social services such as soup kitchens, social shelters, social clinics, day centers, drug rehabilitation centers and grassroots initiatives.

If you are interested in the initiatives of Diogenes, download their full feature here.