The Atlas Network, its local partners (Greek Liberal Monitor and Liberty Forum of Greece), the Cato Institute and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom are hosting an Emergency Economic Summit for Greece in Athens, on May 19 2015.

Greece has been in the spotlight for more than five years since the country’s debt crisis erupted. Throughout those years the attention of the international community and of the country’s political class has been on the negotiations about bailouts and repayment of public debt, Greece’s place in the Eurozone, and on ‘austerity’ programs, implemented by successive Greek governments.

The Greek economy cannot continue on its present path, going from bailout to bailout, loan to loan, crisis to crisis. Now is the time for a frank discussion with the Greek public and Greek policy makers about what has to happen to set the country on the path towards fiscal responsibility, economic growth, and prosperity.   

The team who have gathered to organize the Emergency Economic Summit for Greece believe that Greece can be saved, that policies can be reformed, and that there exists a window of opportunity for a frank, sensible, and constructive public presentation of feasible reforms.

You can read more information for the Emergency Economic Summit for Greece on the event’s official website.