The “Women in politics/decision-making” was held on Tuesday, 8th December organized by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Interior & Administrative Reconstruction and the Embassy of Sweden in Greece. Participants had the opportunity to listen to discussions by men and women in politics and decision making positions such as Mr.Panagiotis Kouroumplis, Minister of Interior and Ms.Olga Gerovassili, Government Spokesperson, as well as watch presentations by experts on Gender Equality policy making. Add a comment
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Next feature from the Little Book of Liberties by GLM is Vouliwatch, an NGO founded in October 2014 which aims to help develop an open and accountable political system that uses new digital technology to promote citizen participation in the political process and to rebuild trust in parliamentary democracy. The people behind Vouliwatch believe in bottom-up policies but also in active citizenship. Add a comment
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Presidents of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities and the Regional Union of Municipalities George Patoulis and Lazaros Kyrizoglou visited the Mayor of Paionia, Christos Goudenoudis, who is responsible for the last Greek village before the borders with FYROM, Eidomeni. There, thousands of immigrants and refugees gather every day to continue their way towards central and northern Europe. During the summer, Skopje kept the borders open and people could pass relatively easily. Today, with many EU countries revoking Schengen, it seems most likely that the FYROM government will choose to build a fence to block people from entering. To this situation, a small Municipality like Paionia faces many challenges due to lack of means to respond to the crisis, especially during winter. Add a comment
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Greek Liberties Monitor continues its series of features from the Little Book of Liberties with Diogenes NGO and the street paper “Shedia” (raft boat in greek). Diogenes is a non-profit organization which officially founded in March 2010. The main aim of Diogenes is to provide support to the most vulnerable members of our society. Homeless people, people on drug rehabilitation programs and asylum seekers are the groups in focus, while social integration/social inclusion through various activities and programs is the core aim of Diogenes. Add a comment
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