samarasPrime Minister Antonis Samars called for cooperation and understanding between all sides in an article published in the Sunday edition of Kathimerini newspaper.

"We will not go back. We do not play political party games with the country's stability. A return to populism cannot be forgiven. The country must elect a new President of the Republic through the parliament, speed up its return to economic growth and not fall into uncertainty again," the prime minister underlined in his article.

"We have made a leap that two years ago was not expected by most but we should not relax, what was earned with difficulty could still be lost easily; and this we cannot allow to happen," he underlined.

The prime minister said that Greece is very close to exiting the crisis and the memorandum era, the goals have been met quicker than anticipated in the programme, the country has returned to the markets earlier and that no more money is need or another memorandum. He also spoke about "the last remaining steps before Greece's definitive return to normalcy and economic growth," noting that the steps will be made by the government despite the fact that certain ones wish for the country to fail, concerned about their own fate if there is no memorandum.

"We can and want to discuss our future course with everybody, but if certain ones want the country - now that it has achieved the impossible - to decide to commit 'suicide' this we cannot accept or discuss," the prime minister noted.

Source: Kathimerini, ANA-MPA