“When Karl Popper quoted Pericles saying “Although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it”, Popper noted that Pericles’ notion of the Athenian democracy enabled the Athenian to make his own decisions. An open society needs political freedoms and respect for human right, it needs responsive government and not least a free and independent press, ensuring accountability and dialogue. Therefore I wish the Greek Liberties Monitor all the best in contributing to a more inclusive and civic-minded liberal society”.

Sir Graham Watson, President of the ALDE Party

“Greek Liberal Monitor delivers value to anyone who wants to understand events in the country where the very idea of Europe originated. Their reporters and analysts cover the key events and trends in a nation that is at the center of world attention. That nation has a rich tradition of freedom, but Greece is besieged by extremist anti-liberty forces of the far left and the far right, who are committed jointly to undermining toleration, liberal democracy, free markets and the free speech. Greek Liberties Monitor provides information otherwise unobtainable in English on what is happening in Greece today and a refreshing classical liberal perspective”.

Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Vice President for International Programs Atlas Network

“The structural weakness of organized liberalism in Greece may be called one of the causes of the many problems the country is facing: With a strong liberal force, that nation would not be where it stands today. Meanwhile, a lack of comprehensive information is fueling negative stereotypes about Hellas and the Hellenes beyond the shores of that great country. Unbiased and first-hand information has become a valuable remedy to counter misinformation and prejudice. I welcome the initiative of a “Greek Liberties Monitor”. May it be a source of information and inspiration – and also a much needed platform of networking of liberals in Greece and the world”

Dr. Ronald Meinardus, Regional Director South Asia at Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, former Director of the Greek Service of Radio Deutsche Welle and former Resident Representative in Greece for FNF

“Years of work in the international sphere of Liberalism taught me that, despite our countries being different, across Southern Europe we find many similar traits. These have all converged in an absence of organized Liberalism from the party sphere, and in closed societies and failing economies at the macro level. The Greek Liberties Monitor is a groundbreaking opportunity to counter these tendencies and finally start to help our countries getting out of the current crisis”.

Igor Caldeira – Secretary General of LYMEC, Vice President of MLS (Movimento Liberal Social, Portugal)

“Finally! A trustworthy source of information in English on everything happening in Greek politics. I warmly welcome the initiative to create Greek Liberties Monitor and wish the team the best of luck”

Julie Cantalou- European Affairs Managers for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Chairperson for the Steering Committee for the Individual Members of ALDE