Greece has to present a well-designed reform program to its European partners in order to reach a new agreement stated Dr. Karl-Heinz Paque, Vice President of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. Speaking with Greek Liberal Monitor, Dr Paque, stressed out that the Greek Government must go away from the idea of state dominated economy and has to clearly recognize that the potential strength of the Greek economy is in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Add a comment
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Greece should imitate the success story of the Asian Tigers, limit the state and free up it’s economy, claims Yaron Brook, the president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.  Dr. Brook, who recently visited Greece to attend the presentation of his book "Free Market Revolution" which was recently translated into Greek by KEFIM-Liberty Forum of Greece (making it the second language after Chinese into which it has been translated), spoke to Greek Liberal Monitor in favor of Greece staying in the Eurozone, while asking the individuals to advocate for their rights and ecomomic growth.
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The experience and the entrenched propaganda of Left and the Right wing political parties in Greece has created a reality that works against liberalism and freedom according to Mr. Gregory Vallianatos, President of the Greek Party “Liberal Alliance”. Speaking with Greek Liberal Monitor, Mr. Vallianatos, expressed his belief that this “reality” is about to change as many younger people are more amenable to Liberal Ideas and stressed the need for Liberal forces to find a young leading figure that will convince the majority of the advantages of Liberal ideas and Freedom. Add a comment
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“The crisis can be dealt with only if you deal with the causes that created it and not by simple stop gap measures. The main problem of Greece is its huge and bureaucratic public sector”, according to Mr. Thanos Tzimeros, President of Recreate Greece (Dimiourgia Xana), a reformist political party that was created in 2012 and which is one of the most vocal centrist parties in the Greek political scene.  “If we do not change the production model, if the economy does not truly become a free market one, if we do not eliminate all the third party taxes and dues and conflicting legislation, if the government does not become modern and functional to the benefit of its citizens, transparent and accountable, we will not be able to solve our problems”, Mr. Tzimeros stated. Add a comment
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Multi-fragmentation and the absence of a clear and coherent political message that combines liberal ideas with social policies are the two major problems that the Greek liberal-centrist parties must address in order to create a strong political force in Greece, according to Mr. Stelios Fenekos, President of the social-liberal party “Society of Values” (Koinonia Aksion).

Speaking with Greek Liberal Monitor, Mr. Fenekos stated that Greek Liberal parties must make the citizens understand that liberal ideas are not only just economic liberalism but that they concern the society in its entirety, day to day life of citizens and participation in the policy making. He discussed the possibility for closer cooperation with ALDE and liberal parties from other countries and revealed his ideas on the future of his party. “Society of Values” must either grow or make alliances with other liberal centrist parties”, he said. Add a comment
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