Greek Crisis Success Stories is a project aimed at telling the tale of a different Greece: of industrious and innovative entrepreneurs and business people that toil in our country daily, creating value and jobs, sustaining the local economy, fighting through the problems and creating hope for something different and better in Greece.

Our hope is to show our country through their eyes and the achievements of their companies,  and for them to be the Greek brand and trademark rather than the crisis. Only through them, can the Greek Crisis Success Stories become Greek Success Stories.

The project consists of 7 videos: one for each of the company (EPSA, EZA,GAEA, Incelligent, Kyon, Taxibeat) and a documentary video with all of them combined, speaking about their companies and their projects, entwined with glimpse of their products, employees and endeavors. This is the first of a series of such videos, which will show more such companies, and different aspects and innovative approaches to entrepreneurship in Greece.

Indicatively it should be noted that just these 6 wondeful companies have:
-Employed more than 350 employees
-Gross more than 30 million Euros annually.
-Export their good to more than 35 countries.

 As part of the project, we will be giving you updates on the companies and the exciting developments. We are also pleased to announce we are currently in pre-production for the second series.

The main video:

Videos for each of the companies:

We will also be publishing individual articles with content for each of the companies, with interesting facts for each, and updates in their progress and successes.