Next and last for 2015, in the series of features from the Little Book of Liberties is Youth Business Network (YBN), an NGO established in Greece with the main objective of fostering the impact of Greek's professionals on the continent. Five young professionals have secured funding from the European Youth in Action programme to establish a non-governmental organisation with a mission to empower young people to set up their own businesses.
The team has grown ever since, and so has the activity of YBN. Since 2010 they have held several events, conferences, educational visits and exhibitions. Since 2012 the Youth Business Network has become an official chapter of the European Students for Liberty undertaking the area of free trade as their main domain. The main goal for YBN is to become the node where young people turn for support when it comes to matters of entrepreneurship.
If you want to know more about the Youth Business Network, find their contact details and social media profiles, you can download their feature from the Little Book of Liberties here.