Next in the series of features from the Little Book of Liberties is the Institute for Regulatory Policy Research (INERP), a civil society NGO with the mission to assist the design of better policies and monitor their implementation through the promotion of information availability and the use of evidence in policy making.
INERP envisions itself as an advocate for effective and efficient public service both within Greece and abroad, as its General Director Dr. Panagiotis Karkatsoulis is the 2012 winner of American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) International Public Sector Award and a distinguished academic with international experience in more than 24 countries worldwide.
Furthermore, INERP holds remarkable experience in promoting administrative reform and supporting capacity and institutional building. During the last two years INERP members have been invited to participate in numerous congresses, conferences, public speeches, as keynote speakers and lecturers in more than 26 countries from all over the world in order to provide their expertise in public administration reform.

If you are interested in INERP, you can download its feature from the Little Book of Liberties here.