The Greek Crisis has been making headlines for the last few years. It is one of the most widely discussed issues globally, with people focusing on the fiscal dimension of the problem. What is not talked of is the other dimensions of the problem.

Greece is currently: second to last in the media freedom index, 130th in the economic freedom index , ranked as the most corrupt country in the EU, ranked 50th in the International Properties Rights Index and a number of other categories which show a simple truth: Greece is a thoroughly unfree society and economy.

There is a fundamental lack of understanding and information  of liberties, how to fight for them and their importance to the day of everyday Greek citizens, which hampers our progress as a nation, an economy and a society. Greek Liberties Monitor aims to change that by popularizing basic concepts regarding liberties in Greek society, by promoting dialogue with international organizations which are active in these areas, and by pressuring key decision makers in making such issues a part of the political and social agenda.

Greek Liberties Monitor (GLM) is a multi-platform project that aims to record, analyze and register economic, social and personal  liberties in Greece, as well as to  provoke debate and changes on these issues.

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